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Refined Plated Service for Pembroke and
Renfrew County Events

Plate services

Schmidt’s Catering has helped countless hosts and event planners throw successful dinners with a traditional plated service in Pembroke and Renfrew County. You can count on our dedicated chefs and serving team to spoil your guests with delicious meals and pleasant service.

A Meal with a Restaurant Feel
Plated dinners are a classic choice at wedding receptions and large-scale dinners. Each of your guests is served several courses of individually prepared plates that you’ll have chosen in advance. But don’t worry: we’ll help you settle on a menu that everyone will enjoy. Plus our friendly staff is always attentive to your guests’ specific needs and dietary restrictions.

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Customizable Plated Dinner Menu

Buns and butter


Your choice of starter


A main course of your choice


Potatoes or rice, prepared to your taste


Your choice of seasonal vegetables


Coffee and tea
A dessert of your choice

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Customizable Plated Dinner Menu

We’ve compiled a list of our most popular choices. Pick one of each and presto: you’ve built your own custom menu.

Starter Suggestions

Spinach and strawberry salad with dressing

Creamy Caesar salad
Fresh garden salad
Roasted red-pepper soup
Cream of broccoli soup
Shrimp cocktail

More Salad Options

Curried rice salad
Bean salad
Red potato salad
Broccoli and cauliflower salad
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Broccoli salad
Greek salad
Aunt Claudette’s salad

Main Course Options

Chicken Kiev
Glazed pork striploin
Roast turkey
Chicken cordon bleu
Beef tenderloin
AAA prime rib

Vegetarian Dish Suggestions

Portobello mushroom with feta bruschetta
Vegetarian lasagna
Eggplant parmesan with spinach and cheese on a bun

Potato and Rice Options

Garlic mashed potatoes
Creamy butter-and-herb mashed potatoes
Baked potato
Roasted parisienne potatoes
Chicken fried rice
Buttered white rice

Seasonal Vegetable Suggestions

Steamed or roasted carrots
Green and yellow beans
Broccoli and cauliflower
Red cabbage
Corn on the cob
Seasonal vegetable medley

Dessert Selections

Black forest cake

Homemade pie with ice cream
Cheesecake with your choice of topping
Strawberry shortcake

Please note that plates, knives, forks, wine glasses, cups, and saucers can be supplied at an additional cost per person.

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Download Our List of Plated Dinner Menu Suggestions

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Have a Specific Dish in Mind?

Please let us know, and we’ll be happy to make it for you.

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